Avoid Future Liabilities & Seal Your Abandoned Water Well

Abandoned Water Well Sealing

What is a well abandonment: An abandoned water well is a term used to describe a well that is no longer in use. Also referred to as capping or decommissioning, sealing an orphaned well involves filling the interior of the well casing with a sealing agent such as bentonite or grout.

Why is it important: Water wells that are no longer being maintained represent a huge risk to the environment and human safety by providing a direct route for pollutants and toxins to reach the aquifer. If pollutants were to reach the aquifer it would contaminate the entire water supply for the surrounding area. As a result, it’s important to get information on the status of abandoned wells on your property or property you’re looking to buy to protect you against future liability

How our well pluggers help: We will pull water well records in your location to propertly locate and sealing any unused wells on your property. Don’t wait until it’s too late, We Get the Job Done Right the First Time.

Abandoned Water Well Sealing

Financially & Legally In Your Best Interests

Did You Know?

Well abandonments are common in the midwest where rural farms, small towns, and cabins often have pole barns, sheds, and lawns for which a well would have been used. Because unused water wells are hazardous to the environment, many states offer financial reimbursement for properly sealing unused wells.

Click on your state to learn more about your state’s laws and financial assistance programs for well abandonment.

Protect Yourself from Liability


Unsealed wells act as a conduit for contaminants to leak into your water supply turning city wells, neighboring wells, and your current well into an undrinkable source of groundwater. For this reason, we recommend you have your water tested annually through our Hassle-Free Maintenance Program.


Well abandonments that are left unsealed represent a legal liability to property owners.


Abandoned water wells are dangerous to children and small animals as well as unsuspecting machine operators who may accidentally drive over a crumbling abandoned well opening

Let Us Make Sure Your Property Is Safe

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Don’t wait until it’s too late, abandoned wells are hazardous to you, your family, and your neighbors and could cost you more than money. Let us cap, seal, and decommission you’re abandoned well to safeguard you against future liabilities. If you have even the slightest doubt about whether your current or new residence has an unsealed abandoned well stop by or call our office located in Willmar, Minnesota to speak with a well abandonment expert.