Cathodic Protection Wells Are An Extremely Important Investment In Your Pipeline

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What is a cathodic protection well: Similar to most other wells, a cathodic well is created by drilling a large hole down into the earth, typically alongside an important pipeline such as a gas or oil pipeline, and filling it with a protective fluid to prevent leaks and fires. 

Why is it important: Utility companies and engineers know the integrity of your pipeline infrastructure is an investment in the long-term success and reputation of your company. Unfortunately, gas and oil spills are becoming all too common and the impact of gas and oil spills on the environment is devastating, not to mention the PR impact on the company who is responsible for the spill. Cathodic protection wells help mitigate the risk of a pipeline leaking pollutants such as gas and oil into our environment. 

How our drilling contractors help: Our cathodic protection well drilling experts are OSHA & HAZMAT Certified and have over 35 years experience helping gas, oil, and water companies protect their pipeline infrastructure. Let our well drilling experts help you Get the Job Done Right the First Time.

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OSHA & HAZMAT Certified

We know gas, oil, and water pipelines are essential to keep our economy running, but unprotected pipelines can be dangerous to our environment. A corroded pipe can lead to catastrophic environmental spills which can devastate our environment and cost companies millions of dollars to clean up. Protect your pipeline infrastructure with a company who’s committed to quality, service, and reliability. 

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Utility companies trust us for their cathodic protection projects across the midwest because we have 35+ Years of Experience drilling cathodic protection wells and we use State-of-the-Art Equipment that ensures We Get the Job Done Right the First Time.

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I have worked with a lot of cathodic drilling contractors throughout the United States. Steffl Drilling & Pump is at the top of my short list and will continue to be thanks to their ability to get the job done right the first time.

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