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Let’s face it, encountering hard rock formations can be a tough situation for drillers and their customers. Drillers without the proper equipment risk losing a bit head in the hole and having to spend time fishing or backtracking from the well while customers are stuck footing the bill for lost time and damaged equipment. Let our expert hard rock well drillers use their 35+ Years of Experience and State-of-the-Art Equipment to increase the footage drilled and decrease the cost per foot on your next hard rock well drilling project.

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Hitting an unexpected rock formation can be a frustrating and tough situation for the customer as well as the driller. We’re here to help. Whether it’s a commercial or residential water well project, our hard rock drilling experts will work with you to Get the Job Done Right the First Time using our air rig to drill through the tough layers of rock and find water.

Did You Know?

Large quantities of water can be located in hardrock wells, but the most common areas we’ve seen hard rock formations are in South Central and Southwest Minnesota in areas near Luverne, Jasper, Windom, New Ulm, and Redwood Falls. These formations have also been encountered in areas of South Dakota in and around Big Stone and Sioux Falls.


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When we drill and install your hard rock water well you also receive free enrollment into our Hassle-Free Maintenance Program and access to our 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service. To find more information on our hard rock well drilling services or why we lead in the industry in customer satisfaction, call or stop by our home office in Minnesota and talk with the hard rock well drilling experts.