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What is an agricultural water well: Similar to a well drilled for use in a home, agriclutural water wells are created by drilling a hole down into the earth, usually at least 6 inches in diameter, until an aquifer is located that contains enough water to supply the amount of water needed to support the livestock that will be raised. Also known as a livestock water well, the agricultural water well is connected directly into a water pumping system that supplies water for anything from hogs and hefers to turkeys and chickens. 

Why is it important: Rather than rely on municipal water, which is can be expensive and can contain additives, a dedicated livestock water well system enables you to have full control over your water supply quality, without the worry of adding chemicals into the environment, as well as quantity.

How our drilling contractors help: With over 35 years of experience drilling, installing, and repairing livestock water well systems we know what it takes to provide the best water wells in the industry. Whether your operation is in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, or Wisconsin you can be assured we have the expertise and equipment to Get the Job Done Right the First Time.

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Every farm and business has unique water supply requirements, but every farm and business has the same goal. Profitability. Our water well experts have 35+ years of experience planning agricultural water wells for new and existing livestock setups. If you’re already working with an engineer we can step right in to finish the project as planned and Get the Job Done Right the First Time.

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When you choose us to drill your next agricultural water well you’re choosing a partner who’s there for you when you need it most. Check out our Hassle-Free Maintenance Program and our 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service to see why large livestock operations trust us with their water supply needs.

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Average Rating: 4.8/5
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We’ve used you for several of our livestock water wells and your water well drillers and installation techs are extremely professional and knowledgeable as always. We would highly recommend you to anyone in the livestock industry.

– Schwartz Farms Inc.
Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

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Christensen Farms

Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

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Wakefield Pork

Gaylord, Minnesota

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Sonstegard Foods Company

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Steffl Drilling & Pump is trusted by farmers and business owners because when we drill and install your agricultural water well your livestock will have a safe and steady supply of water. Know why? Because we’re committed to quality, service, and reliability so we give our customers free enrollment into our Hassle-Free Maintenance Program and access to our 24 Hour Emergency Service.

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