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What is a geothermal well: Similar to most other wells, a geothermal well is created by drilling a large hole down into the earth, usually at least 3 inches in diamter, until a specific depth is reached that can supply enough geothermal energy to heat and cool the facility it will be installed in. Geothermal systems are designed to use the Earth’s constant subsurface temperature in conjunction with a heat exchanger to add heat in the winter and to remove heat in the summer.

Why is it important: As the impact of energy consumption becomes more evident with climate change finding sustainable and renewable energy sources is becoming more important. Geothermal energy in particular is one source of energy that does not pollute and cannot be exhausted, making it an ideal resource for people who want heating and cooling without the carbon footprint.

How our drilling contractors help: Our geothermal well drilling experts are IGSHPA Certified and can help make sure your next project  in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, or Wisconsin is Done Right The First Time.

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We know customer service sets small businesses apart from big businesses and we intend to keep delivering on our promise of quality, service, and reliability, especially to our partners in the heating and cooling business. Whether you are looking to install heat loops for residential homes or business buildings we have the expertise and equipment to Get the Job Done Right the First Time.

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The Department of Energy believes geothermal heating and cooling is such an important part of our future that many customers receive Federal Tax Credits for their participation in renewable energy. Let us help you bring the Benefits of Geothermal Energy to homeowners and businesses!

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We have used Steffl Drilling & Pump for our personal and business needs over the years. As a general contractor, I rely on their ability to get the job done quickly and correctly for both residential water wells and geothermal wells.

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